Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video games rentals?

what is the cheapiest game rental company?Video games rentals?
This one I have found to be the best! Love it! Works like netflix, but for video games!

Go Gamers!Video games rentals?
Hello?! The best gaming site ever is listed below... They have a cool introductory offer, and there are no late fees, no shipping charges, and no due dates!! Plus the plan is affordable!!! I rent a game, play the crap out of it, and send it back when I'm done with it...

Online xbox games rentals?

what website is the best for renting xbox 360 games online i live in minnesota so should i use gamefly or gamerang.Online xbox games rentals?
You could use Gamefly or Gamerang if you want, but Blockbuster is pretty good too.

Will I go to jail if i don't return the games rentals to family video? has ne1 kept their rentals before?

No, but you'll get charged double for the retail cost of the game. And they most likely wont allow you to rent anything else from them until you return it.Will I go to jail if i don't return the games rentals to family video? has ne1 kept their rentals before?
No, you do not go to jail. It's just you pay a fine or fee.Will I go to jail if i don't return the games rentals to family video? has ne1 kept their rentals before?
no you go to jail! my dads in jail because he didnt return grand theft auto jk u dont go to jail you just pay a fine
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  • Game fly Or Blockbuster for online video game rentals?

    I live in San Antonio, Texas I do know that there is Game fly shipping house in Austin witch I'm about an hour from, But I have also heard about how there customer service sucks and lost games and hidden fee's, On the other hand There are good amount of block busters in San Antonio but I don't have the time to stop at store and look so I would like to Use there net system, I have heard equally bad things about. Perhaps I';m look at the negative to much but still I don't want to open my Bills and see a 97$ charge for games that were lost or something. Still I would like to here form the community.

    Also sorry my English still isn't that good with out Google translatorGame fly Or Blockbuster for online video game rentals?
    go for blockbuster, online services like gamefly tend to be horrible so, see if you can order from blockbuster and pickup at a store or something so it will be a quick in and outGame fly Or Blockbuster for online video game rentals?
    Blockbuster is much better and reliable. Also, if you give in the game too late, you aren't charged too much.

    New Xbox Experience and Game Rentals.?

    When the New Xbox Experience comes out on Wednesday, you will be given the option to burn your games to your hard drive. Well, fir those of us who use game-fly or rent from blockbuster, would we be able to burn our rented games to our hard drives and if so, is it legal?New Xbox Experience and Game Rentals.?
    You cannot burn many games onto your hard-drive, or it will become full. GameStop probably thought of this and doesn't care, since the max amount games you can hold on a Hard-Drive is roughly 2.

    It will not be illegal, or they wouldn't have the addition anyways.New Xbox Experience and Game Rentals.?
    All burning games onto your Xbox 360 does is make the load times faster for every game that is installed onto your Xbox 360. Even if you have burned a game, you still need to put in the disc to be able to play it, not to mention all the hard-drive space that each game uses (approximately 6gigs/game)
    i dont know where you heard that from but its not true you are not going to be able to burn games to your hard drive. for two reasons one the game rental thing you mentioned and two the fact that theres no damn point.
    you have to have the disk in the xbox but it will load faster and the game wont spin to make it quieter
    I hope so that would be whack!

    But sadly i dont think you would be able to

    And i cant wait for the update, i hope it will be funn
    omfg!!!! genoius!!! they may do something to prevent it but idk how. that could get to be a HUGE problem. it will however solve my H3 problem


    Blockbuster game rental?

    Rented a game last Tuesday (22?)

    when is the due date and since they don't do late fees anymore, how long can I keep it before I buy itBlockbuster game rental?
    It was due on the 27th and yes they do have late fees on games $1 for each day after the day it is due. At least the blockbusters that I work at have late fees, that's 8 stores. They don't have late fees on only 5 day movie rentals. On the 1st they will charge your card the retail price of the game. If you return the game before the 15th then they will refund your card and you just have to pay the late fees. Keep reading your receipt. Right under the name of the game you rented it will have the due date then will say for $??.?? more own it on 1/1/09. At the very bottom of the receipt it should tell you the game rental policy and that you'll be charged 99 cents for each day the game is late.Blockbuster game rental?
    7 days and after 2 weeks or a month (i cant remember) it counts as a purchase.

    Online Game Rentals?

    Where can I find a online retal store for the older game systems like N64, PS1, GB, and GBC? Don't say GameFly, they only have the newer systems.Online Game Rentals?
    in stead of renting a game why dont u try to download an emulater so u can download them and play them o the pc its very good and faster all games are on there